Writing Blind with a Third Eye

I’ve been at the business of intuiting for a living for about thirteen years.  I’ve become pretty adept at using my Intuition, and find that it’s incredibly handy for writing.

I’m writing my first novel about a serial killer – I’m as surprised about the subject matter as anyone who knows me.  It turns out, that writing this novel has taught me a lot about writing blind, and the surprise is, my third eye’s been open the whole time.

Writing with a third eye is like stepping into a Wonderland of the unexpected.  For me, imagine cinematography by Scorsese and Hitchcock’s lovechild, Salvador Dali narrating with images at-will, and the unexpected twists and turns of a great film.  My third eye brings all of this eloquently to my intellect for sorting – like to some postal service headquarters, and then challenges my intellect to do it justice.  What I’ve noticed is that when I don’t intend anything, the more what I’ve written bends naturally to my characters and storyline.  A read of what I’ve just written at any given time typically shows clear linear development, but in a way I would never been able to conceive if I tried to write with my intellect.

Writing with an intuitive mind disables the intellectual mind so much that the real story reveals itself.  To get there I let my mind go blank, close my eyes and intend to clear my mind, and then write without any preconceived notion – even if I think I know where the story should be going, or what I should be working on.  The results are very often stellar.

The hardest thing about this process can be the Stuff that comes.  Case in point, a serial killer character with a dark mind.  But, the process of bringing the story to Life – like breathing a spark into a Golem – is about letting the story tell itself.  I get there best writing blind.  And, hopefully my readers will appreciate the story with a life of its own.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. writefreespirit
    May 04, 2011 @ 01:38:31

    i know what you mean. my best writing is when i let my imagination lead me


  2. Violeta
    May 29, 2011 @ 20:32:55

    Oh Katherine. You write beautifully. Also, I am amazed at your strategy. I mean, I’m usually the one to try all kinds of weird things with my writing, including spiritual exercises and stuff, and I do depend on my intuition for most things, but it is so darn hard to actually empty your mind and let the words spill without me obsessing over them or trying to control them. Sigh. But I am so happy it works for you. I can try it as well. You can even send me an email explaining exactly HOW you do it, that is if you are willing. I am always excited to share experiences with other writers. Thanks for this! 🙂


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