Anthems for Monica

July 10, 2011

As I write this, Monica is spending time with Family she loves so much.

She is so blessed to have the love I hear her speak of; the kind of love that authors and poets attempt to write about – the deep admiration and lifting up, with heart and emotion and breath-basic commitment.

Monica speaks about her children and their families like she is the luckiest person in the world to know each of them – how easy it is to Be with them; how they make each other laugh; how life finds its mysteries exposed in each of them.

Her love for Joe is one for the record books, a connection that feels like it goes beyond this life. They have been through so much as of now, and she is so grateful to have him.

Monica’s home in Chile is far from here, but close to my heart. She lives in her voice and the energy that finds me on the other end of the phone. I feel this way because she feels like the sun. It must be because she has felt blessed her whole life – a sense of connection to God from a young age. She has a strong sense of the meaning of life, and what Love is, and how she is so lucky to have found each.

There is not a building or an acre
or a nation or a planet big enough to contain Monica.
And, her heart needs another solar system – the woman can love!

Sometimes we need inspiration and we look outside ourselves –
mountains, lakes, oceans, a starry night.
We can also look within
to all of the pictures our mind’s eye can see
from memories and places we want to be
We can look for just a moment to an eye that sees us
and take that picture in. Their love then lives in us.
I suspect that is what you are doing now,
giving love and receiving love.

Ultimately, that is all there is.


July 6, 2011

Sun and sea, the enveloping breeze,
the reaching mountains and the trees,
the busy bugs and garden bees –
the timeless sage and willing leaf,
life’s secrets do unfold,
my raptures felt in great relief,
life’s tenants to be told.

I found them as I walked the path,
diverting feet from curled wrath
and came upon them one by one,
the reasons for my youth undone.
Heart’s dictum in electricity,
my pledge of Self to longevity,
my children sprang as gardens do,
my love transcended, my limits coup’d.

Then, becoming bright in the scheme God led,
shining from peaks and from the bed,
filling spaces that gapped and frayed,
self pre-occupation then unmade –
the light shared among us finding every curve
to nurture, and remind, and thus to serve.

This eco-system of miracles are We,
a place of God, His mystery
that we might take it Winter, Spring, and Fall,
to moments eternal when we are called.

There is nothing but love in my landscape here,
to nurture the drought of human fear,
only the vines and blooms of our shared life,
grows in me Mom, Sister, Friend and Wife.

So, laugh with me as it rings throughout!
Give a shout for this, our collective spout!
Our voices, eyes, and hands to hold,
the power of our love to Behold.

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