Suprising Virtues of the Curtsy @VerbaVitae

Imagine:  You’re a Diva of some Court – a Monarchy at the height of its Culture.  You’re being passed by the Monarch in Court…or a Knight in the corridor…in either case, the Curtsy is your best bet.

I wondered at the hidden virtues of the Curtsy recently.  It’s a term used on Twitter to denote acknowledgement and appreciation.  That one word, denoting so much.  So, no wonder that this Pillar of Language found me in the shower one night – only figuratively mind you – it had followed me after reading the Twitter Feed of a certain Diva of the Twitter Tree.  I got to thinking – why was the Curtsy ever invented, and why is it as it is, in action?  And, then I wondered whether there were any hidden lessons clinging to the petticoat of the 18th Century French dress I imagined.  Oh my, yes, hidden lessons clinging, indeed.

Take note that the Curtsy is specific.  Bend one’s knees so as to lower to the floor.  At the same time, keep one’s back straight, and avert one’s gaze to the floor.

Here’s a modern interpretation.  Keep your crotch and your ass pointed to the floor with your back straight, lest your actions to the contrary give someone a chance to take advantage from behind.  Keep your back straight as you lower towards the floor to insure that your bosom will not flaunt itself in response to gravity, nor seem too proud.  And, whatever you do, don’t make eye contact while trying to remain unfettered for that moment, unless you want to risk that your eyes will work against the Power of the Curtsy.

Fast forward this little Gem into the daily life of a Working Writer.  Every business move, a Curtsy.  Every discussion about your work with the Spirit of the Curtsy.  Your plots, characters – moving towards or away from…the proverbial Curtsy.

Next time you have the chance to curtsy or bow, give it some thought.  There might be a good reason to bend at the knee, back straight, eyes lowered.

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