Writing Blind with a Third Eye

I’ve been at the business of intuiting for a living for about thirteen years.  I’ve become pretty adept at using my Intuition, and find that it’s incredibly handy for writing.

I’m writing my first novel about a serial killer – I’m as surprised about the subject matter as anyone who knows me.  It turns out, that writing this novel has taught me a lot about writing blind, and the surprise is, my third eye’s been open the whole time.

Writing with a third eye is like stepping into a Wonderland of the unexpected.  For me, imagine cinematography by Scorsese and Hitchcock’s lovechild, Salvador Dali narrating with images at-will, and the unexpected twists and turns of a great film.  My third eye brings all of this eloquently to my intellect for sorting – like to some postal service headquarters, and then challenges my intellect to do it justice.  What I’ve noticed is that when I don’t intend anything, the more what I’ve written bends naturally to my characters and storyline.  A read of what I’ve just written at any given time typically shows clear linear development, but in a way I would never been able to conceive if I tried to write with my intellect.

Writing with an intuitive mind disables the intellectual mind so much that the real story reveals itself.  To get there I let my mind go blank, close my eyes and intend to clear my mind, and then write without any preconceived notion – even if I think I know where the story should be going, or what I should be working on.  The results are very often stellar.

The hardest thing about this process can be the Stuff that comes.  Case in point, a serial killer character with a dark mind.  But, the process of bringing the story to Life – like breathing a spark into a Golem – is about letting the story tell itself.  I get there best writing blind.  And, hopefully my readers will appreciate the story with a life of its own.

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