Grabbing the Baton; Running with It @VerbaVitae

Accepting a Baton means one needs to run. Sometimes, that means that someone else yells at you from the stands, screaming “Run, Katherine, Run!”

About ten days ago, I received a message that I had been gifted with a Blog Award.  As the Awarding Party put it, “…talented at writing, …blogging with versatility; inspiring … her writing hero.”

I have a faulty talent: to remain focused on something while Rome Builds or Burns; this skill I developed while the Resident Psychic at a Resort – my “office” in the Bar.  There, I learned to block out the music and overwhelming buzz of conversation.  So, I was shocked – that anyone had read my Blog enough to even form an opinion!  (I know the Site Stats don’t lie, but there you have it).

And, in the case of my Blog, this is an instance where I have been awakened to the fact that I am running on a track, and can grab a baton – to live more consciously as a Blogger within a Community.

So, I thank @LynMidnight on Twitter; her Blog site  on Writing, Popular Culture, Horror and Sci-Fi:

Her Blog’s a Great Departure from anything mundane – it will feel like entering a Cerebral Carnival. Leave smiling.


The Guidelines of the Award:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.

2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.

3. Pass the award on to 5 new-found blogging buddies.

4. Contact these winners to congratulate them.


Here we go:


1)   I like shamelessly silly movies – Naked Gun, Austin Powers…

2)  I have suffered three traumatic brain injuries in my life – each has raised my emotional IQ;

3)  I live a Harry Potter life – without the spells, capes, or Nemeses, but still Life is my Hogwarts, and I am one of its Wizards – literally, and this is how I make my living;

4)  I choose to live far away from my workplaces so I can be anonymous in public places;

5)  I don’t feel my age, and believe I may live forever, if how I feel is any gauge;

6)  More than anything, I want to be a financially self-sustaining Writer.  I’d like to temper this against the blade of what I believe are some God-given Gifts in the field of the Health Sciences and Healing;

7)  My favorite things to do involve being on top of water – one in a kayak on a calm river, the other, to troll in a boat for fish – with a lure – not bait – as a result, I rarely catch anything; but, I welcome that, since I struggle with the reality of killing my own food.


The next part of the Award is to Pass It On.  Participate in the Good Will.

For this, I looked at several blogs, and asked myself, “What Blogs Make Me a Better…

And I found Six Blogs that I want to visit and stay awhile:

These constitute My Blog Winners:

From the World of Writing:

The Blog of Michael Pallante:  Informative, Compelling, Honest, Eclectic.  You won’t find another Blog like this anywhere; A Man’s Man, A Woman’s Man (how does he do that?)  –  among Writers:

The Blog of Eric B. Thomasma:  A seasoned, self-propelled, self-sustaining Writer Orbit.  His wisdom seeps off the page.  Generous, authentic, no-nonsense.  A “Writing as a Life Pursuit” Elixir-in-a-Blog, so to speak:

The Blog of E.M. Ventker:  This Blogger writes us from self-perceived obscurity and writing life-induced poverty, reminding us that the artist-life is a Gum-Shoe Gig.  Honest, self-love and loathing – like a real relationship:

And,  from the world of Film and Screen:

The Blog of Michael Maren:  In search of the Holy Grail of Screenwriting, he might have found it. We, who read him, hold our hands to our eyes to fight the gleam, but are better off for opening our eyes:

The Blog of Kelly Anelons:  Archives one woman’s process to Get The Hollywood Yes; words worth their weight in Gold; words that guide to the Door of Success, if we listen.  And, Refreshing:  like gourmet lemonade on a page:

The Blog of the Hollywood Spinster:  She makes me laugh, instills within me a desire to experience Life As She Knows It – like a 3D film reel scattering flower petals and interesting litter in my Mind.  Rendering her perspectives on Film and Women, Life, and the Contemporary Single Woman’s Experience – all served with the endearing sense that she likes you, the Reader – all Blogs served with a Biscuit and Tea:


Picture: Montmartre Arrondissement, Residence; Paris.

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