The Unmasked Identity of Extraordinary Man

You might think that the title promises a sequel to some Superhero Epic.  A soaring Do-Gooder above the City of Lights, Glass and Steel, a latexed skin promising impermeable resistance to lasers; x-ray vision sealing the deal – satisfying his penchant for catching Bad Guys.

The Incognito Being I speak of can do all of these things.  Certainly, over my City of Lights, Glass and Steel he has patrolled the skies, and made the City a Better Place to Live.

It’s not often enough we take the time to comment on these masked Magicians in our lives – who find their way to our Cities, and don their cape and superpowers for our benefit.  I am acquainted with such a Being.  I met him on business, and he became my Assistant, dodging bullets with his wrist guards at lightning speed, growing new arms for increased multi-tasking.

Two superpowers I now unveil completely – the brain the size of Texas, mega-compressed into his skull (this mere fact confirming his Superhuman-ness), and his heart – a living, breathing, organism of tremendous skills and capability that has furthered the emotional evolution of humanity within its walls.

I often mused how I became so fortunate to acquire him as an Assistant, and later a dear friend.  I can only thank the Powers that Dictate the Distribution of Superheros for that.  I also often feared that Oprah would find him and he would be swallowed up, his talents and skills not available to me – or to the world at large.  Gladly, he has so far flown under the radar in this regard.  Though, soon he will hit the skies for new causes.

Enter the field of Social Work.  His cape will hang on its Coat Rack for a while, though his other gifts may again lead him into the skies at large.

Happy Birthday, my friend – Extraordinary Man now unveiled as one Michael Light.  May you always rise to the Cause, and may the winds carry you safely.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cinema Profound
    Feb 14, 2012 @ 03:00:48

    What a lovely tribute, Katherine! Nicely said 🙂


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