Katherine’s Spice Cabinet

These are links to the blogsites of people who make me laugh or inspire me, or both:

The World of Film and Screen:

The Blog of Michael Maren:  In search of the Holy Grail of Screenwriting, he might have found it. We, who read him, hold our hands to our eyes to fight the gleam, but are better off for opening our eyes:  michaelmaren.com/category/blog/

Princessscribe.com – Princess Scribe’s Blog on the Musings of a Struggling and Muttering Screenwriter

UrbanFlipFlop’s BlogThe Blog of Pincess Scribe – Raw and honest about writing & the quest for screenwriting bliss

The Blog of Hollywood Spinster – This blog shakes Hollywood to its shiny foundation

jeannevb.comJean Bowerman’s Blog: Ramblings of a Recovering Insecureaholic

jamielivingston.net Jamie Livingston’s Foggy Musings – Focused on her goal and process as an aspiring TV writer

kellyanelons.com – The Blog of Kelly Anelons:  Archives one woman’s process to Get The Hollywood Yes; words worth their weight in Gold; words that guide to the Door of Success, if we listen.  And, Refreshing:  like gourmet lemonade on a page.

From the World of Writing:

The Blog of Eric B. Thomasma:  A seasoned, self-propelled, self-sustaining Writer Orbit.  His wisdom seeps off the page.  Generous, authentic, no-nonsense.  A “Writing as a Life Pursuit” Elixir-in-a-Blog, so to speak:  ericbt.webs.com

The Blog of Michael Pallante:  Informative, Compelling, Honest, Eclectic.  You won’t find another Blog like this anywhere; A Man’s Man, A Woman’s Man (how does he do that?)  –  among Writers:  michaelpallante.wordpress.com

timkanebooks.com Tim Kane blogs on his life, writing, and the his writing life

theaatkinson.wordpress.comThea Atkinson is a wise and savvy author who also supports and guides writers

The Blog of E.M. Ventker:  This Blogger writes us from self-perceived obscurity and writing life-induced poverty, reminding us that the artist-life is a Gum-Shoe Gig.  Honest, self-love and loathing – like a real relationship:  emventker.blogspot.com/

Twitter hashtags for writers: #pubwrite, #scriptchat #amwriting #scriptwrite #publishing #ebooks #scriptwrite #indie

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